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55″ PEX Extender Kit

Grow a total of 28 plants in your Hydrogarden Deluxe with the Extender Kit which includes everything you need to expand your unit to 7 pots.


–a 55″ PEX Tubing

–1.5″ CPVC Cap

–Two (2) stackable gardening pots from the Hydrogarden Deluxe

–Pre-installed adapter to fit Beckett 250 pump

–Beckett 250 Pump


Expand your garden vertically! Grow up to 8 additional plants in your Deluxe Hydrogarden with two additional gardening pots, an extra long 55″ Pex tubing and Beckett 250 pump.

The extender kit includes:

-55″ PEX Tubing

-1.5″ CPVC Cap

-Pre-fitted adapter (to fit Beckett 250 submersible pump)

-Two (2) gardening pots

-Beckett 250 Pump

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Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 17 x 8 in


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