How Promoting Hydroponic Practices Can Help Shape Our Future 

Living in an urban setting can definitely hinder us from being able to find the freshest produce at a low cost. Sure, there are plenty of mega health food stores that offer the healthier options but sometimes, for some, the cost-to-benefit doesn’t always justify making that choice. This summer, I recently took up the practice of hydroponic gardening by setting up my own Grow Up

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Options For Your Hydrogarden

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Options For Your Hydrogarden Spring is well on its way and Summer is fast-approaching, as a gardener, your focus should shift from planting to protecting your harvest.  Pests can prevent you from enjoying the bountiful harvest you have been planning on and the best way to avoid damages caused by these insects is to prevent them from coming in the first place.  Having

Micro Greens for Macro Results

Ahhhh, Spring is here.  The time of year where ideas of regrowth, rebirth, reawakening and “spring cleaning” is forefront in everyone’s minds. We all want to change and improve, especially our health, which begins with our diet (and if you want to get technical, our colons and the whole digestive system…sorry, but it’s true)  Spring cleaning from the inside out?  What a concept!  And wouldn’t

7 Conscious Efforts to Getting Inexpensive Organic Food

Time and time again, we hear the fabricated excuses from individuals who try to justify why they aren’t eating organic foods. By eating organic produce, you are giving your body the natural vitamins and nutrients it really needs without the subliminal intake of all the harsh chemicals that most of us consumers aren’t really aware of. It is 2016, the research has been done and the signs are all

The Benefits of Having Your Own Home Garden

It is true that “One who plants a garden, plants happiness”, just ask any gardener…. Besides producing healthy fruits and vegetables, gardening can be a rewarding activity that offers wonderful benefits on various levels.  It can be viewed as a hobby that serves as an antidote to the modern world, a way of reclaiming some of the intangible things we’ve lost in our busy, dirt-free

Hydroponic Gardening Can Mend the Gap Between Nations and a Green Economy

With the amount of resources naturally produced on earth everyday, there should be no excuses when it comes to moving forward in creating a green and sustainable economy. Cities all over the world are beginning to make the right moves in doing just that. There is more time and money being invested into the proper research needed that proves a green economy has not only economical benefits but ecological

Businesses Make Committed Efforts to Improving the Environment

Mendi Falk, the director of Living Green in Tel Aviv, has put much effort into creating a fresher and greener environment.Their Green in the City project wants to utilize hydroponics as a way to incorporate agriculture into dense urban environments. Recently, restaurant patrons have been noticing a new and vast difference in taste when it comes to eating out. The product is fresh Some restaurants

What to Plant in August

Summer is winding down but don’t put your garden away just yet! August is a great month to start your garden or refresh your hydrogarden. If you live up north, you will want to focus on fast growing crops like arugula, beets or cabbage. In the south, you can continue to grow herbs, lettuce, beets, beans, cucumbers and more. We recommend starter plants that you